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Article: Tahini Banana Roasted Almond Manuka Toast

Tahini Banana Roasted Almond Manuka Toast

Tahini Banana Roasted Almond Manuka Toast

Delicious alternative toasties that will be the highlight at every breakfast


All you need for that little piece of breakfast heaven:

- fresh sourdough bread

- 1 ripe banana

- a handful of almonds

- Manuka honey (especially great with those healing properties)

- Tahini or Almond butter

- for the alternative peachy version:

- 1 ripe peach

- vegan mozzarella by julienne & bruno

- toasted hazelnuts

How to:

Toast the sourdough or leave it raw if really fresh. Spread some tahini or almond butter over it. Top with bananas and roasted almonds and drizzle some Manuka honey on top. For an extra summer edition add some strawberries:)

The same goes for the peachy variation. Spread the vegan mozzarella over the sourdough. Roast the peach in slices in a pan in coconut oil and cinnamon and place on top. Drizzle with Manuka honey and e voila:)

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