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Drinking enough has never been that easy.
And helping others, too.

With every bottle purchased, you provide a year of clean water to a person in need.

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5 reasons to love our naeo time bottles:

  • 💧Time markers to help you achieve your “2 litres a day”
  • 💧Donate with every bottle purchased
  • 💧Made from sustainable materials
  • 💧Frosted glass to keep the liquids safe and sound
  • 💧Timeless, minimalistic design

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With our næo Time Bottle drinking enough has never been that easy. Designed to remind you to drink more, our bottles help you achieve your “2 a day” with ease. Our integrated time markers guide you throughout the day ensuring you keep up to time with your water intake. Meanwhile we donate £1 per bottle to so not only you drink more clean water but also people in need.

But that is not everything. Made from borosilicate glass, bamboo and cork our naeo time bottles also ensure that the environment is as minimally impacted as necessary. The frosting ensures that any vitamins are kept safe and sound.

Volume: 1 litre

Weight: 450g

We recommend washing it by hand to sustain the colours and frosting.

Nutrition starts with hydration.

...and this is why our first product in the næo ecosystem will target your hydration.

We want to ensure that our products help you to live a sustainable, happier & healthier lifestyle with routines that fit your needs. Hydration thereby marks the foundation upon which we build our holistic and unique concept:

If you truly want to impact your personal health, you have to look at the big picture. And this means also drinking more water. If you belong to those 62% of people who claim they don't drink enough our bottle will help you to finally resolve that struggle.

Build the base for a healthier future today.

Don't just take our word for it, let's hear what our customers have to say:

"Knowing that I provide water for a person in need by purchasing a Naeo bottle makes me feel good on top of it being sustainable and aesthetic!"

Benjamin D.

7 Jan 2023, 09:53

"Besides being aesthetic and sustainable, this bottle is the perfect reminder to keep track of my water in-take, be it at work or whilst exercising!"

Vivien C.

27 Dec 2022, 19:32

"Never missing my 2 litres a day with the easy to follow time markers. The minimalist and smooth design makes it the perfect daily companion!"

Philipp Z.

02 Jan 2023, 12:14