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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct & Sustainable Principles


At Skinutri we are building your platform for a skin-friendly way of living. In order to develop this vision, we believe that the needs, rights and responsibilities of all stakeholders need to be aligned. This is why we established a code of conduct to share our way of working transparently.
Right from the start with the incorporation of Skinutri in 2020, sustainability has been at the heart of our business. We have taken a large number of measures across the different pillars of sustainability – Social, Environment and Economic – to ensure we conduct our business in a responsible and sustainable manner. At Skinutri we are always challenging ourselves and the status quo trying to find new, innovative and better ways to conduct business. As a growing company we will continue to work on our processes and increase our positive impact.




Our coworkers and business partners are treated fairly, with integrity and respect.  We encourage open, inspirational dialogue by practicing a proactive feedback process to ensure a feel-good atmosphere for all stakeholders. Our explorative and innovative culture promotes an inspiring, positive team environment in which everybody is encouraged to think creatively. As a team of three female entrepreneurs, we strive to empower women and promote diversity and inclusion.

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment. Each coworker shall be given opportunities for professional and personal development based on their abilities, for the benefit of both the company and the individual.

Human Rights in our Supply Chain

We are strengthening human rights throughout our supply chain which Is why the cacao beans and coconut blossom sugar used in our chocolate bars are sourced organically from famers and suppliers who follow fair trade standards.

Health, Product Quality and -Safety

We are providing our customers with a safe, high quality, vegan chocolate, which compared to other products is low in sugar as it contains less 10% in 100g. Our chocolate is made from all natural, organic and fairly traded ingredients. We set ourselves high internal product quality and -safety as well as hygiene standards and adhere to all relevant (food) regulations and standards from the EU and the UK including the Food Act 1990 and the Food Labelling Directive 2000/13/EC.

Allergens can pose a substantial risk and we protect our customers from them by labelling our chocolate bars accordingly. Customers can further find relevant information about applicable allergens in our FAQ`s.



Climate Change

With chocolate/ cacao beans, a climatically sensitive raw material, being one of our most important resource we acknowledge the importance of preserving our natural capital. In line with climate change mitigation and adaptation we have taken several measures to ensure we do not negatively impact our environment. These measures include:

  • Reducing and recycling materials
  • Using plastic free, biodegradable and recyclable packaging materials
  • Printing our packaging with plant-based inks
  • Improving the efficiency of our operations to save resources.
  • Working towards minimizing our carbon footprint
  • Choosing short supply chains and producing locally, in the UK

 At the same time, we are aware of the potentially negative impact climate change could have on our business and manage those risks accordingly.

Responsible Sourcing

We are working with suppliers which match our responsible sourcing program. Our suppliers use energy efficient equipment which uses 70 % less energy than comparable equipment, the production facilities operate with 100 % renewable energy and all packaging used during the production process is 100 % FSC certified, recyclable and biodegradable. 


Business Ethics

Fair competition

We do not solicit, encourage or accept any forms of bribery and gifts from existing or potential customers, suppliers or business partners.

We do not engage in any form of corruption such as price fixing, allocation of markets and/or customers or any other illegal anti-competitive practices. Instead, we compete in a fair and ethically justifiable manner. We follow import and export trade rules. We avoid conflicts of interest and act in the best interest of skinutri.

Communication and Information

We protect Skinutri’s assets and confidential information. This includes proper computer, internet and email usage.  We communicate business information accurately and fully, both internally and externally. All accounting information is correct and registered and reproduced in accordance with laws and regulations, including relevant accounting standards.

We do not conduct business with companies that engage in human rights violations or demonstrate other forms of non-compliance behaviour.

Privacy and Data Protection

We respect the privacy of our consumers, customers, coworkers and others with whom we conduct business, and we handle all personal information with care. We are compliant with all applicable international and national law.

Enforcement of this Code of Conduct

This code of sustainable conduct, as well as our further policies, are mandatory for all employees of skinutri and we expect our business partners to uphold and follow these values. We do not tolerate any violations of this code of sustainable conduct. Violations will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and according disciplinary measures will be taken.