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Our philosophy


Your skin and health are as unique as you and your current life situation – sometimes they need a little more care and sometimes a little more detox. Whatever your body may crave, we have the right vitamins to cater for that need. And that's not everything: our complimentary, personalised report helps you to identify areas in your life that you can improve on to achieve overall greater well-being, let it be sleep, food or workouts.

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Our philosophy

Your health, skin & life in mind

Looking at the big picture is crucial to feeling the best you can. How do you live? Do you work out? Do you sleep and drink enough? Is there something that bothers you emotionally? The state of your health and skin is the result of all the things your life encompasses, not only your medical predisposition.

At Næo, we help you reflect on your current situation and make the optimal decisions regarding your nutrition and lifestyle, keeping your health, skin and life in mind.

Drink more. Supplement better. Worry less.

Our philosophy

Achieving your "2 a day"

Our busy schedules make it sometimes difficult to keep track of the amount we drink per day. As per national guidance, around 2 litres are the minimum – but let’s face it: Who actually achieves that every. single. day? (And we are not counting the amounts of coffees or energy drinks here :))

Our bodies consist of ca. 60% of water and to achieve a greater health, we need to keep that level.

Our innovative bottles make it therefore easy to keep track of how much you drink at every hour, reminding you how much you still need to drink to achieve your "2 a day".

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