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As someone who struggles to take their supplements & medication on a daily basis, this is the best solution.

smart jar

Welcome to the future of medication & supplement adherence.


Launching Autumn 2024

As seen:

næo nutrition is developing a smart medication & supplement jar that will enable customers to stick to their intake routines & clinicians & caregivers to monitor them in real-time and customize dosages & messages.

As seen:

Stay on top of your intake routine

and the one of the ones you love.


  • daily sound & light intake reminders
  • automatic dispensing
  • emergency detection via sound monitoring
  • app integration for remote monitoring & scheduling
  • touch screen for push messages and images
  • adjustable compartments to customize intake routines
  • reorder supplements / medication through the touch of a button

For everyone set-up intake routines monitor & stay connected schedule appointments

Stay connected to your clinician and caregiver at any time.

Enhanced Adherence
Real time monitoring
customized dosages
Autonomy & Connectedness

Track your streak

and other things you need to know.


  • medication / supplement stock tracker
  • integrated alarm / clock
  • sleep tracker
  • cycle tracker
  • pregnancy tracker
  • integrated weather forecast
  • integrated notifications (image and text)


...Crowded Cupboards


...Manual dispensing



...peace of mind


Dishwasher safe
customized storage
8hr battery

From the lab


About the naeo smart jar

The næo smart jar is designed to help you stick to your medication and supplement routines. For real. Using light and sound reminders and push notifications. But not just that, through our integrated app you can monitor your stock, reorder through the push of a button, schedule doctors appointments, track biomarkers through the wearbles connection and also monitor the intake of those you care about. Our integrated software allows clinicians to monitor your intake rates and schedule appointments as well.The næo smart jar is your personal health hub at home.


  • 600ml storage (15.3cm x 9.2cm)
  • Silicon outer shell, aluminum inner layer (food save) - 450g
  • USB-C charger (4hr remote battery)
  • wifi & bluetooth connection

What does your order contain

  • 1x naeo smart jar
  • 1x USB-C charger
  • 2x separation compartments
  • 1x App

Good for you and the planet

The næo smart jar is designed to make single-use packaging a thing of the past. By giving all your supplements and medication a centralized hub we ensure your cupboards are cleaner and your environmental impact lowered.